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Do you tend to procrastinate?

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"A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step."

— Lao Tzu —

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Welcome! Glad You're Here!

I'm Mira, a New York-based ADHD and Positive Psychology Coach who specializes in working with neurodiverse professionals, creatives, and entrepreneurs. 

Whether you're

  • feeling scattered, overwhelmed, or struggling to keep it up

  • ruminating/overthinking or experiencing decision paralysis

  • experiencing challenges with planning, prioritizing, managing time, initiating/completing tasks or projects, regulating your emotions

  • navigating life's transitions or pursuing a significant goal; or

  • dreaming of an organized, fulfilling, and balanced life

you're in the right place. Let's put our minds together so that you can achieve momentum toward your highest aspirations and experience the life you desire.

You are not someone who is broken and needs to be fixed. I struggled with some of the things you might be experiencing now. What I learned is that the ability to thrive lies not with remedying weaknesses or behaving in a way consistent with other's expectations and goals, but with 1) designing personally meaningful goals that align with your values; 2) harnessing your character strengths—what feels authentic to who you are, comes easily to you, and energizes and motivates you; 3) taking action with small, manageable steps towards your goals; 4) using tools and strategies that complement how your brain works to overcome obstacles, fuel momentum, and sustain effort, and 5) establishing resources, accountability, and connecting with people who support you.

"Let's turn challenges into stepping stones and aspirations into reality."

You deserve to THRIVE and experience greater HAPPINESS and SUCCESS!

When you embark on a coaching journey with me, I'll partner with you to​:

  • leverage your unique brain wiring

  • build upon your strengths

  • discover ways to use your interests to enhance motivation and overcome executive function challenges and obstacles

  • establish a sense of flow

  • foster optimism

  • develop resilience

  • create a personalized toolbox

  • establish positive relationships

  • commit to and realize meaningful goals

  • become the best version of yourself and engage in living fully.


I can't do everything today . . . but I can take one small step.


Embark on a Journey of Change and Discover What's Possible

Let's Shine a light
on the Remarkable person you are.
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a personalized journey to


Coming in 2024 as a workbook with coaching options!



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Discovery Call (Free!)

30 Minutes

ADHD, EF, & Life Coaching

50 Minutes

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Cultivating Happiness

6 Weeks

 Coming Soon!


What Clients Say

Meeting and working with Mira has been nothing short of a blessing, a huge, positive game-changer in my life.

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