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Courses and Workbooks

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Lasting Happiness
with ADHD


new format coming in late

A SteerForth X Course

Self-Learning and Coaching Options

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ADHD-Happiness Tools

Discover which research-based happiness activities are most likely to ignite your dopamine. 


ADHD-Happiness Roadmap

Create an "ADHD-Happiness Roadmap" to guide your journey towards sustained happiness.

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ADHD-Happiness Forum

Join a community of others with ADHD and support one another along the happiness journey.



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MiraMind X - THRIVING with Your Uniquely-Wired ADHD Brain.jpg

Coming later this year!

4 Essential Steps to Thriving with Your Uniquely-Wired ADHD Brain

a workbook with one-on-one coaching options designed to help you soar into your "ADHD-able" future 

I look forward to taking this journey with you!

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a new you!

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